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New Fall Traditions

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With the fall season upon us, it’s a great time to change up the routine a bit andcreate new fall traditions with the family! We’ve thought about this and puttogether some great new ideas you can try today!    

Make a Fall Garland 

We love home decorations and this one is a cool one to try. Pick up fall leavesfrom your daily walks outside with the family and put them on ribbon or stringto be hung in your home. This is a great way to decorate your space with theelements of nature. It’s also a great reason to get outside into the chilly airand make it a family affair looking for the best leaves to gather!   

Create Apple or Pumpkin Treats 

Another awesome tradition to start this fall is to create your own family recipes withapples or pumpkins. These fall flavours are great in pies, hot drinks and evencookies! Get creative in the kitchen and whip up your own family recipe thatyou’ll savour for years to come.   

Fall Getaway 

Make some new memories by going on a mini-getaway somewhere nice! Cottages are greatfor a weekend trip, enjoying nature hikes and a change of scenery! Or, if yourfamily is into exploring a new city, go for a road trip to a nearby town.   

Chasing Stars 

With the days becoming shorter now, the evening sky is the perfect backdrop tospending some time outside. Admire the stars and point out constellations. Makeit a tradition each year to go out on a night when the moon is full and enjoysome good old quality family time!   

We hope your fall traditions are fun for the whole family!   

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