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Reward Systems

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Using reward systems, either at school or at home, encourage kids to behave well byusing positive reinforcement. Here are some tips for implementing a great reward system for your child or classroom!   

Start With One Behaviour 

When you begin with a reward system, it is highly recommended to start with onedesired behaviour first. This allows for toddlers to get used to the idea that their behaviour will be monitored. Once a goal is successfully achieved, such as remembering to wash their hands after using the washroom or saying “thank you,” you can move onto the next milestone goal. Reward with stickers or a tracking system of points.    

Praise Them Well 

When the desired behaviour is shown, be sure to always acknowledge this by praisingthem. This is where positive reinforcement solidifies the behaviour, helping kids understand that their good behaviour is what is pleasing. This will encourage them to keep going. When we appreciate what they do, they will want to do more of it.   

Be Consistent 

A key factor in establishing a change in behaviour is to be consistent with thestandards. Remember to remind them of what is desired in terms of their behaviour. And when they do exhibit the good behaviour, always acknowledge the reward. When we are consistent with our own behaviour, they will come to realize that standards are to be upheld and not only when we feel like it.   

Add Time Sensitivity 

Finally, a great way to keep kids motivated is to add a time sensitive component to thereward system. Maybe they will need to clean up their rooms or the play area within ten minutes to receive the reward. This is helpful for those who tend to procrastinate.    

Reward systems help with building one’s confidence, by setting goals and usingpositive reinforcement to encourage kids. It’s definitely a winning system!   

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