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Sustainable Art Ideas

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Are you looking for some good art ideas or projects to do at home that are alsoeco-friendly? YES! Nowadays, we are all looking for more sustainable arts andcrafts projects. Here are some to try today! 


Leaf Rubbing Art 

Go outside and pick out some interesting leaves on the ground! Fall would be thebest time to do this, as you’ll probably have a lot of leaves to choose from.Then, arrange the leaves in a pattern and place a piece of paper on top. Usingcrayons, colour the paper and create cool leaf art by rubbing the colour over the leaves. 


Pet Rocks 

Another great project to do is to make pet rocks. Look for smooth ones so you cancreate cool looking pets! Paint them and use them to decorate the house. Useacrylic or craft paint for an easier paint job. 


Pine cone Ornaments  

Pine cones are great to use for decorative art especially during festive times! You canpaint them and string them along twine to hang them around the house. They makegreat natural garland decorations and are pretty to look at! 


Pressed Flowers 

Preserving the beauty of a flower can be done by pressing them. Take fresh flowers thatare not too damp and place them between parchment paper. Press them inside aheavy book and leave them undisturbed for about ten days. They make prettyimpressions! 


All of these projects are fun and sustainable! The best kind of art! 


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Have a BEE-utiful day!