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Learning about numbers helps students with number sense, counting, and sorting. This leads to problem solving, understanding, and logical skills - definitely areas of focus for young learners! When lesson planning, having a dedicated time for learning about numbers is essential to any classroom! Here are a few ways to teach children about numbers!

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Using Songs

Lots of children’s songs make use of numbers and counting – think “Five Little Ducks.” This helps students naturally learn to count while singing a familiar tune. “The Number Song” is another great one to use during Circle Time as it goes through the numbers in consecutive order from 1 to 20.

Flash Cards

Flash cards are a valuable resource to use in class for so many reasons. They are great to visually represent numbers. You can show the digit, the number word, and images that correspond with the number. Students can also get up close and personal with flash card games by using them for a matching game or the memory card game.

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Shopping Game

The shopping game is a hit in the classroom, as we have seen time and time again! Set up a “shop” with toys on a table. Put a “price tag” on the toys and give students chips or domino blocks to use in exchange for the item. To encourage teamwork, ask students to work together to combine their blocks to see how many items they can get!

Sensory Activities

Another way to help children learn about numbers is to use sensory activities that focus on the actual digit. Using different materials, such as magic clay or paint, allows children to use their fine motor skills to trace and review the number digit. Get creative with sensory play!

Learning about numbers is important, but it can also be fun! It’s as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

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