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Math Tuesday's!

Come see the BUZZ!

Math Tuesday's!

We love our Math Tuesdays at Busy Bee! Every Tuesday, our learning centres focus on math concepts and number recognition. We incorporate many different games and activities to help children recognize numbers and learn to count. Here are a few fun activities you can try at home to encourage the love of numbers!

Activity #1: Play Doh Numbers

We love this activity at Busy Bee and for good reason: playing with Play Doh is just pure fun! You can also use Magic Clay, which will “harden” into the shape you make. For this fun activity, use Play Doh/Magic Clay and shape it into different numbers. How many can your child make? This also works their gross motor skills, so we can this a win.

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Activity #2: The Shopping Game

We’re sure your home has no shortage of toys (we hope anyway!) and this makes a fun little exercise in something we all do – shopping! Make a little “shop” at home and display your items (toys) for sale. Give your child blocks or chips to use as “money” and place price tags for each sale item. Then ask your child to go “shopping”. This is a great way for children to recognize numbers on price tags and to give the right amount by counting. We love this game!

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Activity #3: Number Toss

This is a great way to play with numbers while using hand-eye coordination. Place large bowls or bins on the floor and place a number on each one. Write the numbers separately on paper and place the numbers in another bowl or bag. Have your child pick a number from the bowl/bag. Pick a few soft toys (small stuffed animals or bean bags work well) and have your child throw the toy into the same numbered bin as the number they drew. This helps them match numbers as well as use their gross motor skills. Super fun on a rainy afternoon!

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Activity #4: Number Art

Make a colourful number collage with fingerprints. On white canvas, write the number word or number and have your child put the right number of fingerprints above it. Can you make a collage from zero to ten? How about using the colours in the order of the rainbow? The possibilities are endless!

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Activity #5: Find the Balloon

For this activity, you’ll need balloons, markers, paper and tape. Write different numbers on paper and stick them onto the blown-up balloons. Ask your child to find the balloon with the number you picked. This is a great activity we love to play at Busy Bee!

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We’re sure you and your lil ones will love these fun activities. Learning through playing is always a win-win!

Come and see the buzz! Only at Busy Bee!

Have a BEE-utiful day!