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Summer Bucket List

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The days and weeks seem to be going by at superspeed, right? With our busyschedules, it’s no wonder we feel like time is just flying by. Well, before the summer ends, here are some ideas to add to your summer bucket list! Have you done any of these fun activities yet?    

Go to a Sporting Event 

This one is definitely a cool experience especially if your kids have never been toone before. In the summer, there are lots of great sporting events to check out. Hopefully there are some happening in your city. Some popular ones include: football matches, baseball games and tennis matches!   

Pick Strawberries 

Summertime is the best time to pick sweet strawberries! Find a local farm in your area andget the kids out for a fun afternoon of picking this sweet fruit! Afterwards, you get to enjoy eating them. Get creative and make strawberry smoothies, strawberry jam or even strawberry ice-cream!   

Visit an Amusement Park 

If you’re lucky enough to live close to an amusement park, this makes for a funday trip! Many even include a water park, too! Summer isn’t complete without fun roller coaster rides, parades with their favourite characters and games to play!    

Make S’mores 

Summertime calls for campfires and yummy s’mores! To make them, roast some marshmallowsand put them in between two graham crackers and some chocolate. You can use small chocolate squares or break off pieces of a chocolate bar. The result? Yummy s’more sandwiches!   

End your summer with a bang and check off some of these fun activities from yoursummer bucket list!   

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