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Theme Based Learning At Home!

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Learning is a life-long journey and one that is fun and exciting! One approach we use at Busy Bee to keep the fun going all year long is a theme-based curriculum. Every week, we keep things new and exciting for kids by discussing a different theme.

Over the years, we have discussed themes such as: seasons, transportation, holidays and food. We create art projects based around these different themes and kids have a great time exploring new ideas with fun crafts! We also talk about different words associated with the themes to help them understand more about what they are learning.

Since children have a great capacity for absorbing information during their formative years (0-5 years), we highly recommend continuing the conversation at home. Here are some tips on how to do so at home:

Tip #1: Ask Questions

A great way to keep inquisitive minds inquisitive is to ask your children questions about the ideas they’ve learned at school. What did they like about what they learned? What was interesting about it? Can they show you what they have learned around the house? If, for example, the theme was food, can they name different vegetables? Asking questions allows them to remember what they’ve learned already which is great for cognitive development.

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Tip #2: Play Games

Another way to keep it fun at home is to play games! Everyone loves games! You can create a fun memory game with simple pictures for them to match or a drawing game where everyone tries to draw simple pictures of the thematic words. This is super fun to do with the whole family!

Tip #3: Arts and Crafts

Create fun arts and crafts at home with ideas from the theme of the week! You can also utilize simple household products to help with these fun art projects such as toilet paper rolls or tissue boxes. Add some paint and get creative with your little one! It’s a great way to learn and have fun at home!

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Learning never stops and keeping it up at home is the perfect way to keep your young ones entertained and having fun! What will you do this week?

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